The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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Hi, I am from Turkey. I loved your site. It's really educational and enjoyable. Actually before I explore here I bought a book which is Turkish and writer of the book is really young so that I shocked. Because as a country we don't attend to much to game programming. But when I saw your site I understood that he translate your site exactly no except jokes (they are same too). And I dissapointed. But I thought that he has translated your site cause it is the best. Thank you in the name of him anyway:)



This site is very good. But i wish using classes instead of functions and globals...


Finally a tutorial I can actually use

I don't have a lot of time. In the past 15 years, I have been playing with 3D art. And, have got quite good at it. Eventually, as time went on, I wanted to put that art in anouther type of environment. Something that I could have people walk through and not just look at. The graphics program did this quite well. How-ever, there were quite a few elements missing. And, the programming was taking too long to learn for the time I have for my 'hobbie' in that particular programming language for that particular graphics program. So I decided to moved to DX and HSLS. Baught a few books and went to quite a few websites trying to learn even the basics of what i wanted to create. But, every one I went to seemed more concerned about the technical aspect of their own thinking process (and showing us that they are "just that smart"). The books were actually doing the same thing. So, Up to this point, the learning curve was steep and the time frame was taking way too long.Finally I came across this website, , and from the 'get-go' everything that I was trying so hard to learn (In my short timespan through out the day) was explained from an aspect of 'here is starting poing (A) the reason this does this is becouse of ...(full explination here) ... Now lets move to the next point (B).' (I actually felt like I could talk to this instuctor as a real person if I ever met them) Also, I noticed that I Got to learn the BASICS without having to be a member, that alone was worth the membership. All in all, my personal experience from this website is enjoyable, educational and put me in a position that Directx, c++, HLSL, and being creative doesn't scare my half to death anymore. And it is put in a way that is easy to learn. And broken up in a way that I can learn at a steady pace.....Thank you.


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