The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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Good one!

Although not completely robust, your DirectX Tutorial really helped me finishing my game project (FYP of university). I'll read further, and hope that I can see some network programming so that I can produce online games!


Easy to follow

While I’m only a beginner this is without a doubt the best resource I have come across for learning how to program in Direct X. Chris has provided a fantastic resource with detailed explanations that give you a clear understanding of the "how’s and why’s" of the Direct X API, and for computer graphics in general for that matter. The examples on his website are clear, well laid out and most importantly they work. Chris explains the concepts and the code in such way that learning to program in the API is easy. This is very rare compared to other resources I have tried in the past. It’s definitely been the best money I’ve ever spent on a resource. But the best aspect of all is that your payment provides you access to a resource that is constantly being updated, you won’t get that from any book. Well done Chris!


A tutorial that goes into detail

It's about time, really. It seems like nobody ever really goes in-depth with DirectX programming. And even though DirectX stuff can be found almost everywhere, the discussions of how it works is under the covers. And even if I get some of this talk or some tutorial about it, it's usually very much like gibberish to me.I like this tutorial because it doesn't just touch on each part and function, it consumes it all. A normal tutorial would say "use this, then do that". This tutorial tells you what it does and what else you can do with it, as well as other things. So many statements aren't left open-ended and left you with feeling "okay... now what?" and unable to proceed unless someone spoon-feeds you. I like this tutorial because it's a doorway that allows me to become independent in my work.


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