The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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DirectX 11
What You'll Need

You'll need these before beginning this tutorial:

1. Visual Studio 2010 or later
2. The DirectX SDK June 2010
3. A basic knowledge of C++
4. A burning desire to make games

Win32: Basics

Lesson 1:  The Parts of a Game

Lesson 2:  A Primer of Basic Windows

Lesson 3:  Creating a Window

Lesson 4:  Window Size and Client Size

Lesson 5:  The Real-Time Message Loop
Direct3D: Getting Started

Lesson 1:  Understanding Graphics Concepts

Lesson 2:  Initializing Direct3D

Lesson 3:  Rendering Frames

Lesson 4:  Going Fullscreen

Lesson 5:  Drawing a Triangle
Direct3D: Writing Shaders Premium Only

Lesson 1:  The Rendering Pipeline

Lesson 2:  Introduction to HLSL Part 1

Lesson 3:  Introduction to HLSL Part 2

Lesson 4:  Constant Buffers Part 1

Lesson 5:  Constant Buffers Part 2
Direct3D: Moving to 3D Premium Only

Lesson 1:  3D Transformations

Lesson 2:  Rendering Depth

Lesson 3:  Simple Modeling

Lesson 4:  Adding Light

Lesson 5:  Adding Textures
Direct3D: Device States Premium Only

Lesson 1:  Customizing the Rasterizer

Lesson 2:  Texture Sampling

Lesson 3:  Color Blending