The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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Quite superb indeed!

I was lost to begin, with no light within my grasp. I delved into flash game programming and allegro, bringing my knowledge of both to near master quality. But these were both high level programming languages/libraries and had no relativity to directx.I have yet to read the tutorials, although the price is cheap, being only $35.00. I'm already satisfied with the colour layout of this, as well as the perfect organization of the tutorials. They aren't all crammed together, they are spaced out allowing one to learn at a quicker pace. So far, this seems like an absolutely divine site, for all those needing help starting out, or who need just a little bit more help.



This is a brilliant site, currently working on a 2D game and have been struggling with structuring my project neatly; input and networking, thanks to this site and it's brilliant tutorials I've been able to overcome these issues.Thanks again for this wonderful site!

Nathan Barnard

Excellent site!

This site is getting really good as you add more content and the bare bones spoon feed way of explaining things while getting stuff on screen asap, is why its so good. Even a retard could understand this stuff when you explain it like that!One thing that would make this site even better is lessons on loading a .x file with animation in dx10/11. This is what everyone that is teaching themselves gets stuck on because it is no longer included in directx and is quite complicated. (Microsoft should be spanked for this)


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