The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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Clearest Explanations

I searched for a long time to find DirectX Tutorials but kept hitting walls and asking myself "OK but How do I do that?" I finally came across where every step is explained. At last I've got code working!


A must-visit for hobbyists

The author is very novice friendly. DirectX seems much more approachable after reading the tutorials here.


Hats off for excellent tutorial work

I've wanted to get into game programming for quite some time, but never had formal programming courses and so have learned all programming knowledge at my own initiative (and on the job--research assistant in embedded signal processing lab). Until these tutorials I never tried graphics programming of any kind and found them right at my level for the most part. Many concepts that I'm familiar with I still go through just as review, yet I find in the process because of how careful these tutorials are written I learn something new that I did not realize about programming concepts I'd already learned from other online tutorials! So actually this tutorial not only teaches DirectX programming really well, but also just programming C/C++ in general better than most other tutorials on the languages. One example of this is how each function or line of code is broken down and described parameter for parameter. The descriptions are accurate to the minute details, colorful, and never vague. I am just impressed with the level of detail the lessons go into while still being very to the point. As I strive to explain things in this way myself I guess this aspect really appealed to me. Additionally, the site is easy to navigate and the drop downs for code, function flags, and the like is also very helpful. So finally, thank you for taking the time to write these tutorials and I hope you continue to do so because they are truly some of the best out there of any kind.


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