The Ultimate DirectX Tutorial
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Well Worth It

These tutorials are great and easy to understand. Perfect for idiots like me!



I was having a horrid time in my college directX class, and hating directX for it. Eventually my grades were to the point where I had to do something, so I started looking for directX tutorial on Google and this site came up first. Now I understand directX so much better, and am building an engine of my own in directX using what I've learned from this site, thanks!


Concise and useful yet inexpensive

The content of this site is vast, yet, concise. In most institutions, the classes will entail topics in painful details. This site has removed all that "fat" details, and leaned out to the core knowledge of "game programming". Having read all the current tutorials, I have a very high hope in upcoming ones as well. Compare to taking institution courses, the price of the premium on this site is relatively inexpensive. (I remember taking courses related to contents covered in this site, and the book alone cost more than $100.) This site can also be used to "quick refresh" your mind on game programming if you have not programmed games in a while and have forgotten some functions. So, if you are looking to begin a game project with only some knowledge of programming, look no further, this is the site for you.


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